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VR Lubricator Tool


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VR Lubricator Tool
VR Lubricator Tool


Solutions for Wellhead Interventions Today

Well integrity assurance is a fundamental need during intervention work. Intervention operations in narrow well bays or cellars can be difficult, time consuming and risky. Traditional tools are heavy, long and utilize stuffing boxes, often requiring hoisting equipment and additional personnel to perform operations. Operations with life annuli requires properly qualified equipment and personnel. Furthermore, the low torque capacity of the traditional tools can prolong the operations or make removal old VR plugs impossible.



Safe and Efficient Intervention Operations


Petroleum Technology Company’s (PTC) VR Lubricator tool is the safest, shortest, lightest and most versatile lubricator tool on the market. The VR Lubricator tool is fully sealed off, telescopic and manufactured in titanium to minimize the weight and length. This greatly simplifies operations in narrow spaces and reduces the HSE risks.


The tool kit includes specially designed accessory tools for cleaning and refreshing the profile and removing stuck plugs.