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- Improving well performance and integrity

Celebrating 15 Years of Innovation

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We are proud to have served our customers with innovative products that meet their needs for the last 15 years and excited about the opportunities ahead of us.


For the past 15 years, Petroleum Technology Company (PTC) has deliver long term cost effective solutions to oil and gas companies under pressure to deliver on time, on cost and with minimum risk to the environment.


- We strive to cultivate a culture of innovation. We believe that if you do what you did before, you get what you got before. Our team of passionate and enthusiastic employees strongly believe in what they do, and most importantly our objective is to “do the right thing” and always search for continuous improvement, says Rolf Haaland, CEO.


Since inception in 2002, we have actively pursued new opportunities. Founded in Norway, the international market today accounts for 70 % of our business.


We have innovated and patented technologies to improve production efficiency and the integrity of their wells. Today, we hold a leading position in the world’s well head integrity market and a technically superior proposal in the gas lift and chemical injection market.


We are confident that our team of solution oriented and service minded employees will add value for our customers, while reducing the cost of your operations in the next 15 years as well.