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Case studies



Key info

  • Reion: North Sea
  • Customer: Apache North Sea LTD
  • Field: Beryl Alpha
  • Well Type: Oil Producer
  • Well Head Type: Cameron


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Case benefits

  • Avoidance of an extensive, risky and costly milling operation. The 1380 Lubricator Tool was able to operate and complete the job vertically in an efficient, safe and controlled manner.

Key Capabilities

  • Barrier qualified VR Lubricator
  • High torque capability (up to 1,500 Nm / 1,106 ft/lbs)
  • Compact size with long reach capabilities
  • Can be operated with live annuli or well

Typical Applications

  • VR profile intervention operations
  • Remove sized plugs and check valves


Sales & Customer Service

VR Lubricator tubing hanger vertical intervention

VR Lubricator Tool
VR Lubricator Tool

In 1989, well A44 on the Beryl Alpha platform was completed. By 1996, the tubing had collapsed and the well was killed. A Cameron H2, 5 1/8" – two way check valve, was then installed in the tubing hanger thread profile. The valve installed needed to be removed to accommodate a workover after 18 years in operation. Attempts to remove the valve in August 2014 were unsuccessful. The standard Lubricator tool traditionally used for tubing hanger valve operations is substantial by dimensions providing poor torque capability.

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