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- Improving well performance and integrity
Case studies



Key info

  • Region: Middle East
  • Customer: Major Middle East Operator
  • Well Type: Land


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Case benefits

  • Eliminated 4 wireline runs. Significant OPEX savings achieved.

Key Capabilities

  • Confirm well integrity while reducing OPEX, in gas lifted wells.

Typical Applications

  • Gas lifted wells where independent tubing and annulus pressure tests are required.


Sales & Customer Service

ShearLift-T Middle East Operator

Interventionless Barrier Gas Lift Valves

A major Middle East Operator had been running unloading and operating gas lift valves as a part of their well completion. Due to the configuration of the completion, dummy valves were initially installed to allow the operator to independently test the tubing and annulus after the completion packer had been set. Once the tubing and annulus pressure tests were successful wireline interventions were performed to remove the dummy valves and install unloading and operating gas lift valves.

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